November 26, 2021

Alina Hasnaș

How to promote your business online in other countries?

In this article, we aim to reveal you the steps to promote yourself online in other markets (to be able to successfully export your products and services). In the following, you will receive the strategy for an effective and effective promotion when you have decided to increase your customer base. We also chose those activities and actions that do not require large budgets. So, let’s see how we promote a brand on the global market using the resources available to us on the Internet:

How to promote your business online abroad

  1. Start by getting to know your market:
  • the context in which you will work
  • each region has different behaviors and rules, laws
  • how people would like to be contacted
  • research how the market will respond to your marketing strategy.

2. Do your research online: who are your main competitors?

  • What do online competitors do? PPC, SEO, press releases, develop their own products, do affiliate marketing or Google Ads?
  • What are their weaknesses?
  • Does the offer a guarantee?
  • Is their product really good?
  • Do they build links constantly or not?

3. Competitor Data Analysis Next: If you have done in-depth online market research, now systematize the data:

  • Competitors’ main strengths and weaknesses?
  • Maybe you have more time than the competitors?
  • Do you know a targeted traffic source that others don’t? How could it affect the business?

4. Also determine who are your favorite customers:

  • Where do they spend their time: on Facebook or YouTube?
  • Are they freebie seekers or desperate shoppers?
  • What compels them to buy one product or another?
  • Read reviews, forums, testimonials to learn as much as you can about your target market.

How to promote your business online abroad in 2023

5. Analyze customer data:

  • What are the places your target market usually visits? What are their main concerns? Maybe they are not satisfied with the products on the market? Can it offer something better, perhaps in the form of a bonus?
  • After that, you get to the next step, which is developing your internet marketing strategy.

6. Now you can develop your strategy:6. Now you can develop your strategy:

  • Think: Who are you and what can you offer your target market?
  • It involves planning: what marketing methods will you use and can you afford? PPC, SEO, email, blogging, podcasting, video blogging, webinars, viral traffic generation, link building, banner exchange or others?
  • You need to prioritize your web marketing tactics. Find out what will bring the ROI in the shortest possible time.

7. Choose between SEO and Google Ads, if you can’t do both:

  • Do you have enough time for SEO? If so, do your best, day by day.
    Don’t have time to wait for SEO results? Buy PPC traffic (Google Ads).
  • Don’t have time and money? Find one or the other, or you’re at a dead end.
  • Think about how you can leverage other people’s time and money to build your own web business. That’s what rich people do and that’s what you have to do if you want to survive in this competitive world.

8. Localize your communication:

  • It is not only relevant to know the language, you need to adjust your communications for each market.
  • It is essential to know all relevant cultural references, holidays and events.
  • You need to create a personalized experience for each country (and even potential customer).

9. Use effective internet marketing tools:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Web design
  • PPC strategy and maintenance (Google Ads)
  • Branding for the site
  • Traffic analysis and statistics
  • Email Marketing
  • Viral marketing.

10. Strictly monitor performance:

  • What keywords did people type into Google to find your site?
  • Which keywords have brought you the most money in PPC?
  • Are you satisfied or not with your SEO ranking?
  • Are most of your visitors leaving your site without even spending 30 seconds?
  • Test your site’s landing pages: the URLs you’re sending traffic to.
  • Test Google Ads ads against each other (A / B testing).

11. Determine for yourself: what is the most effective Internet marketing strategy?

  • There is no perfect formula. It all depends on your situation.
    When you figure out your strengths and weaknesses, you will be able to come up with a great marketing plan. Regardless of whether you are thinking about Ads, affiliate marketing or others.
  • Only when you know what you can achieve with your resources at that time, only then can you create a great marketing strategy for your business.

Next we want to offer you some useful tips from our experience:

Lucrative marketing formulas on other countries:

  • Google (SEO) + Google My Business.
  • Facebook (Ads + Presence).

What promotion costs in other markets can you expect?

  • They vary greatly from one country to another, from one environment to another and even within the same environment.
  • 1000 impressions in Facebook Moldova – $1; in Facebook USA – $4.
  • The number of people or target groups you reach, the intensity of use, taxability, image, etc. are also taken into account.

What are the most affordable channels to get backlinks? Guesposts and HARO (

  • HARO has been used for many years by bloggers to get media coverage and boost their backlinks.
  • “Help A Reporter Out”. It is a very popular online service for journalists to collect feedback from the public.
  • HARO provides journalists with a powerful database of story sources and daily sourcing opportunities to secure valuable media coverage.
  • HARO sends this information by email: in 3 daily messages, Monday through Friday.

Also test online sales platforms (Ebay, Amazon, Etsy):

  • You need to target the first few European countries (say 5). You might find that English is spoken fluently in all of them. Make a list of countries where you want to become popular and start studying about each one.
  • Learn their culture: how they live, what time they are generally online, what this nation typically searches for.
  • Their History: It may seem like a useless study, but by knowing the history of a people, you learn a lot about how people can be “shaped”. History tells a lot about the psychology of folklore.
  • Hire a native speaker to write your content.

What challenges will arise along the way?

  • Dualism – multinational teams vs. local – The company needs a strong international structure. Campaign consistency across multinationals while achieving local relevance.
  • Brand awareness – The typical situation is that you have more awareness of your brand in your home country, but not so much outside of it; the solution: good content, build communities on social media.
  • How much you will have to pay per lead will depend on your targeting. Depending on how you set up the target audience for your campaign, you may have more or less competition
  • Local channels – Yandex is popular in Russia, in China you are more likely to find your target audience on Baidu instead of Google, or on WeChat instead of Facebook.

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