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Google SEO for E-commerce in 2022

The purpose of this article is to share our experience and observations so that you can get better results by embracing our SEO logic. We’ll tell you about what factors we take into account when optimizing online shops, what are the actions to guarantee you a place on the first page of Google, and the most common mistakes e-shops owners make when it comes to E-commerce SEO.

Simply put, SEO is about getting your business’ website to the top of Google’s Search Results. It helps your site appear first in Google results when a search is made using keywords related to your area of business.

But how do the Search Engines know your website is worth ranking well? These are the 4 pillars of Google’s Search Algorithm: 

  • Well-structured – a well-designed website can help you make a good impression on your prospective customers.
  • Intuitive – An easy-to-use website is an intuitive website—and one that users will buy from. 
  • Quality Website – high-quality content is honest, clear, and serves no hidden agendas.
  • Relevant so that it contains useful information – from an SEO point of view, relevancy refers to how well the information on a website corresponds to a search query.

These stats will convince you that SEO and electronic commerce are deeply intertwined:

  • 37.5% of all e-commerce traffic comes from searches
  • 23.6% of e-commerce orders are directly tied to organic traffic
  • 1 out of 3 smartphone searches are made before a store visit
  • Search engine leads have a conversion rate of 14.6%.

So, a good SEO can bring you a lot of customers and money. But only when done properly. 

Let’s take a deeper look into it: how is SEO for e-shops different from your typical SEO?

  • Google treats queries that involve financial transactions with extra care;
  • It is usually extremely competitive in any niche. Keep in mind that there are tens of millions of online stores already out there, that want to rank on the first page of Google.

E-commerce SEO is more complex due to:

  • product catalog handling issues;
  • there are lots of product categories;
  • out-of-stock items and their correct management;
  • website architecture; 
  • potential trust issues;
  • filter issues.

So, what are the most important ranking factors for the E-shop website from my point of view? Of course, every SEO expert has their own opinion and way of doing this so-called white hat SEO (genuine SEO tactics that are approved by the major search engines and compliant with their terms and conditions). 

  1. From our observations and from lots of tests and research we’ve studied, Backlinks are the most important ranking factor even in 2022. Last time it was in 2017 that Google’s Gary Illyes confirmed that PageRank is still used in their Algorithm and tests made by us in 2022 indicate that a good rank can’t be achieved without a good link-building strategy. Lots of factors contribute to a backlink’s ability to make a difference, 2 of the most important are: relevance (links from sites and blogs that write about the same kinds of topics) and authority (links from strong sites help the most with SEO).
  2. Product Page Optimization – this is huge. There is a world of opportunities for presenting your product so that it stays relevant and attractive to your customers. Just remember that: Google wants to understand what your page is all about. It all starts with keyword research, meta tags (Add Modifiers to your title tags Like “Buy”, “Cheap” and “Deals” to Get More Long Tail Traffic, common terms people use when searching for products in Google), high-quality content that provides more details than your competitors provide (do this at least for your most important products). Avoid duplicate content and stand out by taking care of product pages.
  3. Site Architecture & Internal Linking – Site architecture must be intuitive and easy to understand. You want all the product pages to be 3 clicks away (or even less) from your homepage. Optimize internal linking structure to benefit from good customer retention, you can suggest products that are typically bought together or similar products. It is a great idea to provide your audience with a bundle pricing strategy.
  4. UX/UI & Customers Reviews – Let’s talk a bit about that. What does the User experience mean in 2022?

For us it consists of several parts:

  • Easy-to-read content;
  • Internal linking & product suggestions (for a smaller bounce rate);
  • Well-organized site;
  • Interesting and useful content;
  • Responsive design;
  • No intrusive ads.

Generally speaking, UI refers to websites that are designed around users’ needs.

Why focus on Customers Reviews? They build trust with online shoppers and increase your brand’s credibility. 88% of consumers say that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. So, what it means is that they can increase your conversions & revenue. From an SEO perspective, reviews provide some additional text that can contain keywords and that search engines can use better understand the content.

Most common E-Commerce SEO mistakes we’ve noticed when working with our clients’ websites:

  • No/poor product descriptions 
  • Bad product page structure
  • Non-SEO friendly URLs
  • No design elements & no converting color scheme
  • The categories sound overly general (for example the category is named “laptops”, not “apple laptops”)
  • No offers & sweet deals
  • No blog – in my country we’ve observed that e-commerce blogs are still ignored
  • No accurate and trustful business information
  • Any login troubles
  • Few images or images that are not genuine or poor.

In closing, we just want to add that we hope we’ve inspired you to do your E-commerce SEO in better and more numerous ways so that you can get results right away!

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Car Dealer SEO Service

Your nr. 1 ally to build your car selling online marketing strategy at efficient costs!

The backbone of any SEO for auto dealers or spare parts business is the exposure and the accessibility of your products. The search is, however, done very often online. Products and catalogs are firstly found through a simple search via Google or other relevant search engines.

SEO for auto-dealer business means optimizing your online store so that you appear at the top of relevant organic searches of potential customers. When looking for car brands of interest, or of a specific category, you will be the first one customer will notice and this will inspire quality and credibility! Eventually, all SEO efforts lead to a few specific objectives – converting visitors to actual customers and effectively selling the information you wish to promote.

How the entire SEO workflow happens & how do we deliver the SEO services for auto dealers?

Your keywords affect nearly every piece of your digital marketing strategy. The selection of keywords based on the search queries of car shoppers is paramount in positioning your services on the top. In such a way, we analyze the network of dealerships to determine the best and most efficient methods to create more traffic and leads to your website. A sample of the network’s search console date is utilized to study organic searches.

How do car shoppers search for cars?
From past experience and available studies, search queries samples yield two major categories of results:

  • Customers look for dealerships with the geographical name of the city they are placed in
  • Customers look for dealerships without the geographical name of the city

Furthermore, short-tail (of a few words) searches and preponderantly dominating the search queries. Even more interesting, most of the short-tail queries are typically dominated by words of intent, such as: for sale, near me, “current year”. In other words, most often customers using short structured queries know what they are looking for and are looking for the best offer.

Once you have adjusted your digital marketing strategy to capture the short-tail query enthusiasts, you can start working on customers of a more complex search intention. All in all, the most important lesson is to know the volume of keywords customers employ in the search queries pertinent to the local market.

What includes SEO for car dealerships?

  • Website Speed Optimization
    If the pages on your site take more than 4 seconds to load, you are at a risk to lose around 79% of visitors.
  • SEO Friendly URLs

The URL structure should be easy to read and give the user an instant understanding of what and how to navigate the page visited. URLs should be as short as possible and keyword-focused

  • Intern links

To be indexed by Search Engines’ crawlers so they can identify the car dealership theme of your content, the entire internal link structure must be easy and convenient for visitor browsing

  • Website architecture

Website structure. Your entire website must be very intuitive so that it is extremely easy to access cars by categories or by other search criteria. Keep important pages no more than three clicks away from the homepage

  • Technical SEO

Technical SEO is not an option; it is a prerequisite and is the foundation upon which any successful strategy is built. However, where and how you apply the technical knowledge is key to success. Technical optimization nowadays is much more than just „housekeeping” and should be focused on mobile devices, voice search, VR (virtual reality), vertical search engines, and so on.

What do you get by hiring us?

Our success is your success! You will become a noteworthy online player, and you will experience an increase in leads and traffic, sell like a God, and increase the level of trust in your product or service – every day.


  • We are an SEO agency with over four years of digital experience both in the national and international markets
  • We know the utmost about online advertising and digital marketing strategies. And yes, as an SEO company, we are ready to share this information and know-how with you to make your brand stronger and increase your sales
  • We have been involved in more than 100 creative projects from different niches, so the challenge is our second name
  • We understand the importance of a well-developed marketing strategy for our clients. That is why we offer you complete solutions designed from A to Z.

What do we do to achieve your success?

  • Initial SEO audit of the entire website
  • On-page optimization, including best SEO keywords
  • SEO tags optimization
  • Implementation of the appropriate meta tags
  • Implementation of Anchor and Header Texts
  • Image optimization and ALT texts creation
  • Creating optimized and quality content on every page of the site
  • Internal links optimization
  • Website speed optimization
  • Set up the Sitemap.xml
    Robots.txt & Htaccess files
  • Solving other issues identified in the SEO audit
  • Off-page SEO optimization
  • Building high-quality backlinks
  • Building Online Partnerships
  • Link building through Content Marketing
  • Usage of relevant and targeted Directories.

What are the benefits of SEO for Car Dealers in 2021?

  • It increases the website number of visitors (website organic traffic) and visibility
  • It improves the quality of the webpage and eliminates all technical errors (SEO technicalities, UI and UX issues, etc.), and improves the functionality of your site.
  • It enhances your entire brand image and strengthens the credibility
  • It increases the website domain authority
  • It helps to achieve a positive indexing dynamic and accelerates Google’s positive response to changes on the site
  • It participates in the development of your unique marketing strategy, adapted to the client’s needs
  • It even gives you the possibility to expand into other market segments, based on the studies performed by the best SEO experts from SEOLITTE.
  • It increases the number of potential customers (qualified leads) in the online environment.

Contact us now for a fair cost estimation!

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Beginners Guide to On Page SEO

Deciding to start an online business or simply having a web page is just the first step in achieving success in the virtual world.

What do we do in order to make our site visible on the Web? – that’s the question that crosses our minds after we realize that only maintaining the page is not enough.

Yes, when it comes to the online environment, you have to work on making yourself heard and seen.

What is your web page about? What do you intend to tell people about it? – Let’s start with these questions before going deeper into the subject.

What is On-Page SEO and Why Is It So Important?

I am sure you’ve heard many times until now about SEO: “Build a strong SEO for your website”, “Follow the rules for having a good SEO” – these are just some of the headlines you can read on the internet when you are looking into this topic.

Well, namely because of this, I will not talk very much about SEO, but I will just remind you, before going further, that SEO is the way you are optimizing your website to reach a good position in the search engines. How do you do this? Through the main components of SEO: On-page and Off-page SEO.

Let’s begin with On-Page SEO, which is one of the most important aspects of getting good traffic on search engines, thus – becoming more known and popular. Although it’s important to not underestimate the role of Off-Page SEO, which is also a vital task for getting success in the online environment.

Well, On-Page SEO refers mostly to the content of the page and the HTML source code, which can be viewed by users of all the internet browsers, but also: keywords, titles, title tags, and Meta descriptions. Let’s take them one by one.

The Content is “Saint”

The content of a website can be defined simply as the information you are providing to the users. The goal of this information is, of course, to increase your traffic through search engines. In other words, the more valuable the content is, the more visitors you’ll attract.

But how do we write that valuable content? Or how do we make it valuable for people?

Well, when we are talking about the content, we don’t only refer to the articles and blog posts, but also the product pages, the videos, the infographics, slideshows, etc. Before the fact that you should know what your target audience is, you should also know what the particular need your content is meant to satisfy. What impact does your website have in the online world?

Also, it’s important to know that the way you are using your words, phrases, headlines, sentences… everything has an impact. If you have a goal in mind, then tying a call-to-action in your message is helpful.

But besides that, there are also some technical aspects that you should take into account when creating the content for your website. And here are some of them:

Meta tags

Let me ask you a question first: Do you take the word “tag” seriously in the management of your website? If your answer is “No”, then our advice is to change something because – directly or indirectly – the tags you are using define your web page from a search engine’s point of view.

For example, title tags – meant to concretize the title of your web page – play a significant role in the result a user gets when looking for something in the search engines.

Title tags appear just as a result of someone’s search.

That’s why the way it is written plays an important role in the traffic your website will get.

But how do you write a Title Tag?

There are no set in stone rules for it and the style can differ a lot from a site to another, depending on what it’s about, but there is some useful information that we can find. A Title Tag of a page has to represent a brief and definite description of the page’s content. It should be descriptive, but not a duplicate of the content on the page. Its length should not exceed 70 characters, in order to make itself clear for users who want to click it – in other words, a short and conclusive summary.

The Meta description is also an important HTML element, which describes your web page content.

It appears under the URL of the page when looking through the search engine results, but it also appears when people share your content on social networks. To be clear and visible in the search engines, the Meta description should not exceed 160 characters, even though there is no issue if it is shorter. Sometimes, having a shorter message delivers the information in a better way.

Why does it matter and why should we pay so much attention to it? Well, being the first description of our content, it has to catch the attention of the reader; the Meta description of your web page can contribute to giving the user the first impression on whether your web page is worth checking out or not.

And finally, let’s approach the topic of the keyword.

Even though the keywords seem to be the primary source of driving traffic to a specific URL of a web page, what’s more, important is the fact that Google – one of the world’s greatest search engine – is looking more into the meaning, rather than some specific words.

When choosing the right keyword and when you’re building links it’s important to have in mind that this work is time-consuming and sometimes very hard. To ease your work you can use this tool – which can be a huge time saver and also will automate your process and give you the exact link-building game plan for any target website.

You may think this happens because Google became “too sophisticated”, but you must also consider that it can be far more important to optimize your web page in such a way that it contains a specific meaning rather than a particular phrase, which characterizes it.

What is my point in telling this? Don’t focus too much on keywords and direct that effort into creating high-quality content. As simple as that!

And the last aspects of the On-Page SEO, but not the least important, are the speed and security of your website. How fast is it loading? How safe is it to navigate through it or even visit it?

Using all these tools we described above can be of great importance, but the most important factor is the relationship we are creating with the users.

A user who visited your website once and found it interesting will come back again.

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Worst 7 SEO Tactics That Damage Your Reputation

It’s always easier to prevent a catastrophe than to deal with its consequences. What would you do if you knew that your actions today will destroy your company’s reputation tomorrow? Would you change anything? We’re sure the answer is yes.

If you have a website, you probably heard about SEO. If not, we’ll start by giving you an answer to what does SEO stands for?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is all about boosting your rankings on search engine results pages.

Why is SEO important?

If you did everything right for a while and Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. ranked you high you’ll notice a big boost in visits, leads, and conversions. On the other hand, if you tried to trick their algorithms, we have bad news. Google is so much smarter nowadays, it’s only a matter of time until your sneaky ways get discovered and penalized.

This is when we’ll introduce you to “Black hat SEO” and “White hat SEO” concepts. Black hat SEO is all about tricking the search engines and focusing less on your users and the value you bring to them.

Jumping high in your rankings shouldn’t be your main focus – your audience should be. White hat SEO is the exact opposite. It focuses on human users and their needs rather than algorithms.

Now let us tell you what you should do in case you want to completely destroy your online reputation.

  • First thing you should do if you don’t care about your website: duplicate your Content.

 If you put your white hat on Generate new, exciting, unique, and useful content. As long as your visitors find your website interesting, Google will do too. Get professional SEO services that include copywriting and content creation for your website and your pages are always going to look fresh and original.

If you think you can have three articles on the same subject with slightly twisted writing and Google won’t notice, you’re wrong. Search Engines will not only identify duplicate content but also, will not index the pages at all or even penalize you.

  • The second thing you should do if you don’t care about your website – Pay for as many links as possible! – don’t hesitate to reach out to websites that share the same kind of audience, with the same interests and similar niche for a legitimate ink-exchange collaboration. A good SEO expert can help you find a list of reputable websites to reach out to, and come up with ideas for authentic partnerships. 

White hat SEO solution: In the not so far past the common belief was the more links the better. That’s what led to various link-buying schemes. Search Engines are “trained” to spot that nowadays and your website will get penalized if you receive too many poor quality links from sketchy websites.

  • The third thing you should do if you don’t care about your website – stuff your texts with keywords – It used to be common to stumble upon articles online that were obviously full of random keywords and more often than not did not make any sense. These articles offered the worst user experience and damaged the reputation of said websites. Since Google looks out for the users, it will never rank high on a website full of keywords that don’t make sense. Repeating the same words over and over again will ring an alarm for any Search Engine that you are trying to manipulate their algorithms.

If you want to do things right: keywords. Make sure you post quality content that will be interesting for you and for your users to read. If you need help with that, you can always opt for affordable SEO services from Seolitte. Search Engines got very good at understanding the content rather than counting.

  • The 4th thing you should do if you don’t care about your website – don’t refer to your own content.

If you put your white hat on: your content will eventually age and go bad. Online years will always go faster than regular years. There is so much new information posted every second that even a 3-month-old article can be considered expired information. Let your content expire if you want Google to consider you an unreliable source of information.

 To sum up…

SEO practices need to be learned, explored, updated, and applied correctly. If you

are not able to do this, then don’t expect big achievements in the online world. Try to take it as seriously as possible if you want to achieve your goals.

Don’t try to trick Search Engine algorithms and if you don’t feel like this is an achievable task get some professional SEO services from reputable SEO agencies or specialists.

Seolitte offers affordable SEO services for small business owners and big businesses as well. We have plenty of experience in dealing with websites affected by black hat SEO practices, that were penalized, or that simply need some help with On-page and Off-page SEO practices.

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Why should you avoid Black Hat SEO?

How scary is Black Hat SEO, really?

What does SEO stand for? And more importantly, what does any color HAT SEO stand for?

If you’re not sure what’s up with all the White Hat, Black Hat, and Gray Hat SEO let us shine some light on this subject.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the “science” of attracting as many qualified visitors to your website as possible. How do you do that? By adopting a philosophy and following some techniques.

Now White, Black, and Gray Hat SEO are just ways to describe the philosophy an SEO expert adopted for their own or their client’s website.

We don’t want to jump to any conclusions and say one of them is better than the other, and we firmly believe that there are little to no entirely White or Black Hat SEO services.

Who are the White Hat SEO experts?

If you can say for sure you follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines to a T, means you’re wearing a white hat.

White Hats love to keep their actions within Google’s rules so they don’t risk in any shape or form getting a penalty.

They also know that when you stick to the rules, the rankings go up and stay up for a longer time, which means you’ll eventually have to work less and less on your SEO.

A white hat chooses the longer road, but the most secure one, whereas a black hat looks for shortcuts and easy wins.

We have to mention that sometimes, poorly executed White Hat SEO can bring more damage to a website than Black SEO techniques. Make sure you practice good quality SEO, not just a rule-abiding one.

Theoretically, a white hat is in less danger of getting penalized but since there are almost none of the pure practitioners of this philosophy we have to introduce the Gray Hat SEO expert to the team.

Is the Gray Hat SEO the answer to all our needs?

When you hire someone to deliver professional SEO services for your website, expect to deal with a Gray Hat expert most of the time.

More often than not, White Hat wannabes don’t get links naturally. They make deals and reach out to various website owners to guest post or exchange links.

If they were to follow the exact rules in the Webmaster guidelines, they would have to wait for years to get organically linked to. And let’s be serious, nobody has time for that.

Link acquisition is mainly the only time white hat SEO practitioner steps out of line. So yeah, the Gray Hat SEO might just be exactly what you’re looking for if you want to stay within Google’s guidelines.

What’s Black Hat SEO and, and should you really avoid it?

By deduction, if white hat means abiding by the rules, Black Hat means tricking the algorithms and going around some of these said rules.

So here is what you need to do if you want to put on the stylish black hat:

  • Hidden text/links – these texts and links are usually full of keywords and are there just to boost the ranking. They usually use the same color font as the background or tiny text sizes.
  • Irrelevant keywords – stuffing your content with irrelevant keywords will make your traffic go up, but so will your bounce rates. You’ll get plenty of people to click on your site, but they won’t find what they came there for.
  • Page cloaking – it’s a technique used to mislead the search engine by showing one content in the results and entirely different content on the actual page. Furthermore, the user also goes on a page that contains content they were not searching for.
  • Content automation– means posting content generated automatically with the help of a tool. These texts don’t require a person’s involvement and do not contain any SEO key components (heading, style, images).
  • Duplicate content – it’s one of the worst practices of black hat SEO. It means duplicating content from a different website that ranked high. Search engines index content just once, and if it appears on another website, it’s marked as copied.
  • Buying and selling links – getting multiple links on third-party websites that point to your website is very beneficial to your rankings. One thing is for sure, sooner or later Google will find out that your website was part of a link-selling scheme and will penalize your website forever with no option to recover from it. 
  • SPAMing – mass posting on Social Media or sending mass messages that will include a link to your website.

One thing is for sure, Google is improving its ways to detect tactics inconsistent with their guidelines. There is no way you can go on breaking the rules for a long time. If you’re ok with being penalized eventually, go ahead and do it.

Why is SEO important?

We’ll answer that with another question. If you have a website with no traffic what good does it do? So chose any color hat you want, just be mindful of your SEO in general.

What does Black Hat SEO even exist? Because for some smaller websites, with no big plans for the future, no big investments or money to be made, it works. We don’t condone it, we truly believe there are niches where you can get away with practicing a little Black SEO.

Sometimes, when your field isn’t a competitive one or your targeted market is in a less competitive geographical area, Black Hat SEO websites rank higher than NO-SEO-at-all websites. If your livelihood depends on the well-being of your website, we highly recommend you invest in some affordable SEO services for small businesses rather than using these easily accessible Black SEO techniques for short-term wins.

Whether you pick an SEO expert that does White, Black, or Gray hat SEO make sure they are honest with you.

There are “professionals” who you can hire for quality, rule-abiding SEO, and they end up destroying your rankings, getting your site penalized, and sinking your profits.

We position ourselves as White Hat SEO fans and would like to find out more about your online goals.

Contact Seolitte for affordable SEO services for your website today!

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Best SEO Branding Strategies and how to deal with negative SEO

What is a brand? What impact does it have on your SEO? What does SEO stand for in a business in 2021?

First of all, a brand is an experience. That includes the features of your product, the customer service, the looks, the feel, the colors, the emotions. A brand is what first pops into your mind when you say the name.

That’s why when you think about GoPro, for example, you think about quality products, nice videos, adventure, summer, excitement, fun. That’s what a brand is. A whole bunch of emotions is packed into a product, store, and website.

To answer the question, yes! Your brand does affect your SEO. If you punch in the search bar a general term like “smartphone” the first page of results will be filled with big brand names.

In business, SEO means getting as many organic searches, clicks, links, and shares for your website as possible. This is the only way you’ll get visibility without paying tons of money on marketing services that provide Google Ads or Social Media Ads.

Your brand can bring you links

Doing a great job in creating a name for yourself will pay off in ways that you didn’t even imagine. You’ll find out about different marketing channels you can use to your company’s advantage.

As we established before, links are pretty important for your rankings. Organic links are the best. If you have an attractive brand there is a big chance people will come to your website, read your content, and link to you if they have editorial power over a website.

If people heard about your brand before, the chances they will link to your website are higher. That’s exactly when your brand works for you, not the other way around.

Strategies to improve your SEO

There are a few steps you can take to boost your SEO just before your brand name starts working for you. The final goal of SEO branding is to get links and reach a level where you don’t have to pay for links anymore.

Creating a strong brand means being passionate about it and sharing the full-hearted passion and provide inspiration to other people. You need to stop and ask yourself what do you stand for, what you care about, and how much do you care about it.

Promote your Brand Name Especially in the Beginning

In order to have a brand, you need to have all your ducks in a row. You need a logo, a

responsive website, a good design, valuable content, and high-quality photos and videos.

At this stage, we recommend getting help from marketing agencies. We believe these aspects are crucial and should be more or less done perfectly. You have to make a good impression on people who land on your website for the first time.

Once you’re confident in your online presence, go ahead and mention your brand as much as possible, and we mean EVERYWHERE. Get people to refer to you by your brand name, come up with catchy phrases, get involved in discussions pertinent to your niche, etc.

Put out Consistent Content

You have to prove to Search Engines that you’re active, you care about bringing new information to your users, and most importantly, be consistent with the subjects you cover.

Have Shareable Content

Your users should be able to share on their Social Media your articles, pictures, and videos. When people share and talk about your brand, Google loves it. Your ranking is not going to be directly affected by how many people shared your website’s content. What’s going to change is the more your name pops up, the more visibility your name gets – the stronger your brand grows.

Be the Best in Your Niche

You can’t mention smartphones and not think about Apple iPhones. That’s what you want to achieve. You have to pick a niche and excel at it. The only way you’ll do it is if you do it consistently, passionately, and the best. Deliver what you say you would, and provide value to your users online and offline. You have to be in a continuous learning process to be viewed as an authority.

Outreach SEO for your Brand

It can mean reaching out to bloggers for a guest blog post, reaching out to youtube influencers for a review, or paid articles on strong platforms like Huffington Post or,, etc. An SEO agency could help you a lot with finding good websites that will boost your ranking and reaching out to them.

Offline Branding Ideas

Create stories and share them. Your delivery has to bring out emotions within your audience. If you’re bland and boring, no one will want to associate with your brand. Organize events, giveaways, partnerships, raise money for a cause that is close to your niche, and serve your community.

Your Product or Services Reviews Matter

You don’t have to be an SEO specialist to know that credibility stems from real people’s testimonials. Your audience has to know that your services and products are real, are of good quality, bring value or solve real people’s problems.

Beware of Negative SEO

We established a few steps you should consider when you build your online brand, but there are a few threats you should be aware of too. Negative SEO can impact your rankings and your name.

You can encounter off-page negative SEO like link farming, which happens when websites known as link building farms start pointing bad links to your website.

Another popular technique is duplicate content. An attacker can simply copy and paste your content and duplicate it until the point when Google will ignore your website for not being original.

Fake Social Media profiles with false, harmful information about your brand is another way of doing Negative SEO.

On-Page Negative SEO refers to hackers attacking your website from the inside. Meaning you probably forgot to update your CMS and now they breached your security and can start working on damaging your brand. They can modify your content, can de-index your website, or even replace your website with a completely different one.

What can you do?

Besides getting professional SEO services to always have your finger on the pulse there are a few things to consider doing starting now.

Update your CMS as soon as possible, check your security system or get professional Managed Hosting services. They will do that for you so you can concentrate on more important things like Brand Building.

Check your site’s loading speed and check if it’s properly indexed. Run occasional

searches on your keywords and content to identify in time if you have been targeted by attackers online.

Make regular backups in case your website gets hacked and monitor your backlinks regularly as well.

To sum up…

There are multiple ways you can contribute to your brand’s growth both online and offline. Your SEO will either benefit from it directly or indirectly.

Make sure you associate your name with the most popular, reputable entities online, and make sure you are consistent with the values and emotions that you want to send to your audience.

P.S. If you deal with obstacles to SEO brand marketing, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Is Off Page SEO Helpful for Improving Your Rankings?

When many people live online more than offline, it is important to study and understand the digital world in its entirety.

Some of you may have heard of the term SEO. If you did, you probably know about On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO too.

What does SEO mean? Why is SEO important? What roles do On-Page and Off-Page SEO play?

These are the questions we’ll try to answer in the following article.

So, what is SEO?

Let’s say you have a website that runs perfectly. It has amazing potential, but how can you get more traffic on it organically? It always starts on Google, Bing, or Yahoo!

We all know that “convincing” the search engines that your webpage deserves to be on the top is not an easy task. That’s what SEO does. But what does SEO stand for? It stands for Search Engine Optimization. And what it means is a sum of processes you need to perform to increase the quality and quantity of traffic on your website by reaching a higher rank on search results pages.

When we talk about SEO, we usually talk about:

  • The importance of getting the page titles and the page content that fit well together;
  • The description of the page gives the search engines a relevant summary of what the page is about;
  • The text formatting, the correct use of H1, H2, and H3 tags, etc.

SEO is a set of practices that give Google, Bing, Yahoo (or whatever search engine you’re using) a better understanding of your page. All this information is used to link a user to the content relevant to their search. On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO are the two most important parts of this practice.

Let’s Talk About On-Page SEO

Let’s make SEO easier to understand. On-Page SEO is the set of factors that make a web page rank high in search engines. As simple as that!

There are two critical components of On-page SEO. The first one is the quality of the content on your website, it has to be a supply and demand situation. The second is “linkability”, which is the probability of users reaching your site easily, copy its URL, and sharing it.

The URL structure, the images’ format, the loading speed of the web page, and the keywords — build up the notion of On-Page SEO.

But how long does SEO take? If you consult an SEO agency, they will probably tell you it takes anywhere from 4 to 6 months to see the first visible results. That is generally true, but any SEO specialist will also tell you that SEO is a continuous growth over time. The longer you optimize, the better results you will get.

Can we make our web page look “friendly” to search engines? The short answer to this question is definitely yes. The longer answer is we hope to have a fruitful two-way relationship with our clients to help each other achieve greatness for your online business.

Get ready to start a new journey towards online success! Get affordable SEO services from Seolitte today!

Off-Page SEO Anatomy

After we figured out how On-Page SEO works, it’s time to dissect the Off-Page SEO together. It seems like it wouldn’t be under our direct control since “off-page” means outside the boundaries of your website, but it really is.

Unlike some people may think, Off-Page SEO goes beyond just link building. A big part of it is Social Media Marketing and Brand Mentions.

To further deepen your understanding of this practice, we’ll explain why it is important for any online business to work on its Off-Page SEO strategy.

Since the beginning of internet times, search engines have been trying to deliver the most fitting results to their searchers.

Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so on have the hard task to decide which website is worth being on top of the list in their results.

For the Search Engines, what’s on the inside matters, but they judge a book by its cover too. The way others perceive your brand is just as important as the way you structure your content, for example.

The more mentions you have, the more people are talking about your brand online, the more bookmarks, likes, @’s, pins, and hashtags you have the better the chances your brand will be on the first page of the search results for your keywords.

Link building

Without a doubt, link building is the most popular and effective Off-Page SEO technique. Every link you get that is not internal, of course, counts as a vote of confidence from third-party websites.

Let’s say someone finds your content interesting and shares it on their website. This automatically tells Search Engines that your website has useful information worth sharing.

The most popular ways to get increase link numbers are blog mentions, natural Social Media mentions, and shares, article mentions from reputable sources, etc.

Bear in mind, Google has become very good at recognizing when websites use different schemes to trick their algorithms. Good links come from trusted websites in a related niche with relevant anchor texts. Therefore, strive to make content that is useful enough and good enough to share.


Social Media Mentions

Social Media Mentions is also a good source of Off-Page SEO “points”. They usually are “nofollow” links, but they add value to your SEO efforts.

Brand Mentions

Whenever your brand name appears in an article, Google knows about it. The difference between Brand Mentions and link building is that a brand mention does not have a link to your page. A positive mention adds authority to your brand and Search Engines tend to rank branded websites to the top of their results.

What are the benefits of a good Off-Page SEO strategy?

A good SEO agency that does proper Off-Page SEO will deliver seizable results to the website owners:

High rankings in SERP, which means higher traffic on your website. We all know that more visits lead to a higher rate of conversion.

Top positions in searches give you greater exposure to your brand. That results in more mentions on Social Media and a higher chance reputable sources will mention your brand on their websites too.

Your brand will gain trustworthiness. Google ranks a website by its trustworthiness coefficient. What does that mean? If you represent a verified source of information with authority in your niche of expertise, Google algorithms will rank you higher. This authority derives from the number of external links that direct people to your website and confirm that you have information that can be trusted.
Check out our Off-Page SEO services offer and let us know how you see your website evolving in the near future.

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Case Study – SEO results for BLVCKS.COM

International Search Engine Optimization is one of the best ways to promote your business. The global market can be compared to an endless ocean of opportunities. You can choose the target country, start the digital adventure, and grow your business – all within an extremely short time frame. However, this will only happen if you have the most accurate geotargeting and do effective SEO.

And to show you that something like this is possible, in this article, we conducted a case study on the example of a client on the American market – BLVCKS.COM, an online shop for clothing and accessories.

SEO works combined with other marketing channels, helped us increase its online visibility.

Implemented SEO steps

The increased demand for certain products and, respectively, the thousands and tens of thousands of monthly searches on certain keywords and phrases were exactly the things we had in mind when we started optimizing the BLVCKS website.

So, which steps we took, to bring the client good positioning on high competitive keywords and increased visibility in the online environment? We started with a well-defined SEO strategy and relevant SEO procedures for the improvement of the website.

Step I

  • We checked the technical and functional parameters of the website ( presence of errors on the pages, presence of an XML sitemap, website’s speed, optimization for mobile devices, duplicate content, etc.).
  • Niche competitor’s analysis (strengths and weaknesses, keywords positioning)
  • We identified and analyzed the current positions on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Step II

  • We approached a complex strategy to identify keywords, based on a comprehensive analysis and study of niche competitors (specific keywords, page and domain authority, backlinks). We choose only those keywords that had advantageous metrics for the following: search volume, ranking difficulty, search relevance, search intent, etc. Finally, we were able to determine those keywords that subsequently increased the number of conversions (Note: see below what results were achieved).
  • On-Page SEO optimization (these works were mainly focused on optimizing the categories and product pages by correctly distributing and placing the keywords: in the page URL, the H1 title, the ALT tag, product description text, in the title and meta description of the SEO tags).
  • Off-Page SEO optimization (we used the most important and relevant online promotion resources suited for an online store; writing and publishing quality content on blogs, niche sites, social networks, as well as including the site in international directories, etc.).

Step III

  •   We continuously monitored the keywords’ positions and identified new opportunities to improve rankings.
Below are shown keywords top positions:

In the case of BLVCKS.COM, we opted for “long tail” keywords with a search volume of hundreds and thousands, with navigational search intent. This type of search has the highest probability of conversion.

In addition to increasing keywords positions, we have increased the number of organic traffic by 20 times. Pretty good result, isn’t it? Attracting the right visitors was a complex mission, but essentially simple, taking into account users’ search preferences and habits.

The  implemented SEO services have acted beneficially, thus increasing the visibility metrics in the online environment (+ 18.56%), and the statistics below demonstrate this:

Our mission was to help the customer get as close to his clients as possible. Increasing the rate of visibility, in this case, played an important role in increasing sales. Efficient search engine optimization has been our strong point in achieving excellent results for an international customer, and the numbers speak for themselves.

Below are shown comparison charts for November 2018 vs. November 2019. Here you can compare the number of visitors, the length of a session, and, of course, the bounce rate of the page.

How users accessed the client’s website?

Below is a list of the channels through which users accessed the site during SEO works. Organic traffic increased by 20 times compared to the period before the beginning of the works.

As you can see, social media promotion has not played a major role in gaining increased traffic, compared to the crucial role played by SEO and the organic traffic gained from SEO promotion. Also, here you have a comparison between the conversion rate in the same reference period.

When it comes to an online shop, we focus on showing the percentage of sales (transactions and income).

The statistics show that the number of sales has increased by almost 4 times, and the percentage of income related to it shows us even better figures. It turns out that users made more expensive purchases than the previous ones, and this is due to the optimization of the content on the website and off-page SEO.

Now, when you’ve seen what SEO results bring, do you still think your business doesn’t need that kind of promotion? Do you think you can only promote yourself through Facebook distribution and street marketing? Find out that the online world brings you many other possibilities for growing your business. We are here to help you grow organically, without penalties from search engines, and only with measurable results.


If you want to find out how much SEO promotion costs and what digital marketing services consist of, contact us at + 373 69 809 235 (R. Moldova) or +40 720 625 788 (Romania), and we will get back to you with an individual SEO offer for your website.

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You won’t believe these 10 SEO facts are myths!

There are over 200 signals that influence Google rankings in 2021. In the race to get to the top of the SERP, a lot of website owners take wrong actions that actually damage their performance.

We found out that most mistakes some experts make are because they still believe in outdated information or plain myths that circulate in the online SEO world.

All you really need to know is that there is not a single almighty recipe for success. You don’t just follow a list of steps and boom, you’re on the first page on Google.

There are a few things you should avoid doing, and a few common misconceptions that we need to shine some light on.

10 Myths that will destroy your rankings in 2021:

  • Keyword stuffing will improve your rankings
  • Social Media does nothing for your SEO
  • Content doesn’t matter, go with the links
  • SEO is a one-and-done thing
  • It’s about being No1 on Google or nothing
  • Buy countless links and it will work out
  • Google Ads will ratchet up your organic rankings
  • Responsiveness is not as important as some may think
  • Tabbed content is bad for your SEO
  • SEO is a myth
  1. Stuffing your content with keywords will improve page ranking

What is keyword density in SEO?

Some may argue it’s an outdated concept, but it’s the number of keywords or a phrase in a text divided by the total number of words.

What’s the best keyword density for a page to rank high?

A good SEO specialist will tell you, there is no set percentage, and if you overdo it, google will know it. That’s not how a search engine works, it knows when you’re trying to manipulate it by inserting too many of the same terms compared to the rest of the web.

All Search Engines are looking for is human needs. Don’t try to trick it by doing what an algorithm is looking for.

Google is working constantly on analyzing human speech and recognizing natural language patterns. The more appealing for a human a text is, the better the chances it will rank high and keywords have a role in it, but are not the “lead actors”.

Social Media does nothing for your SEO

Do Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter “follows”, “likes”, and “shares” count for your Google rankings? As a company that offers digital marketing services, we’ve heard this question a lot.

It’s not easy to be us, our little world is complex. A short answer to most questions we get is, everything you do has to be for the benefit of your user.

A “like” on Facebook is not going to directly influence your rankings, that’s true. If your social media is engaging, if you have a lot of followers, and shares, Google will notice that. It will influence your rankings indirectly by telling the search engines that a vast number of users are interested in your content, services, or products. Also, it’s a great tool to implement direct response marketing strategies and be in touch with your audience at all times.

Social signals have a lot of value. On these marketing channels, you build up your brand, redirect people to your website, and create an organic search flow to your website too. Creating engaging content will inevitably have an impact on search engines through Social Media. Being seen by various influencers and getting mentions and links from them is also another aspect of good use of social media channels to boost your SEO efforts.

Content doesn’t matter, go with the links 

You will still find SEO services providers that will say you need more links than content to rank high on Google. It used to be essential to build links on anchor texts back in the days. That is still a used practice, but it changed significantly.

What happened was, SEO pros started to go over the lines with this strategy and came up with various ways to build a big quantity of links while ignoring their quality.

Google, as always, realized people were manipulating its algorithms and offered no value to the users.

Both content and links are still relevant for a good SEO strategy. If we had to explain it in simpler words- content is the “final destination” but links are the “infrastructure”.

You should say “adios” to the myth that links are more important than the content or vice-versa. Your user is your king. Improve on what you give them and speak their language, don’t follow outdated SEO myths.

If you’re unsure about how to write engaging content, look for marketing services that include copywriting as well.

SEO is a one-and-done thing 

Let’s say you have a new website. You’ve heard about SEO and optimized your newly built website to be as SEO-friendly as possible. You even hired an SEO agency to tell you what’s good and what’s not for your Google rankings.

You’ve launched your website and everything seems good. This is when a lot of website owners think that they’re done with SEO. However, that’s only a myth.

There are multiple variations of keywords and a lot of competitors are going to walk the extra mile to get ahead of you. Losing positions on Google results will lose your conversions. SEO is a continuous work and strategy and you can, and should always influence any of its variables.

It’s about being No. 1 on Google or nothing

You don’t have to be a marketing analyst to understand that what first pops out is going to grab your attention. Users click mostly on the first positions of the Search Engine Results Page. It falls down to 2% by the time they get to the bottom of the first page.

Google Ads are usually in the first positions of SERP. That does not put them amongst the most clicked pages. Therefore, it’s not about being No.1, it’s about using all the tools you’ve got.

Google maps marketing is also a great way to get your audience’s attention. Amongst the best types of marketing strategies is to optimize your business presence on Google Maps.

Buy countless links and it will work out!

Have you thought about buying links like they’re on the FINAL sale? Just like you can’t buy love, you can’t buy links. Or maybe just shouldn’t.

One thing is for sure, the more links on a page, the less value they bear. Also, cheap or free links are the ones that are available to anyone. You definitely don’t want to see your brand associated with sketchy websites that have nothing to do with what you offer.

Google Ads will ratchet up your organic rankings

A lot of Pay Per Click service providers will tell you that your organic SEO rankings will skyrocket if you first invest in Google ads.

There is no official evidence that is true. You may be able to find out what keywords you want to concentrate your SEO efforts on, but paying for clicks won’t bring you organic searches in the long run.

Responsiveness is not as important as some may think

How many people are using their phones as their primary means to connect online? 45% of the entire population. Google has considered mobile-friendliness as an important factor since the early 2000s.

Your website has to be user-friendly, mobile-friendly, and has to display the same content on different types of devices.

An SEO specialist’s responsibility is to make a website load as fast as possible on any device to rank high. The UX aspect is also not to be neglected in this situation.

Tabbed content is bad for your SEO

Tabs are like little folders, they’re used to separate content in layers where every layer is viewable one at a time. Famous websites that use tabbed content are Wikipedia, Panasonic, L’Oreal, and many others.

It used to be bad for SEO to have hidden content in tabs because Google crawlers couldn’t read it. Because of that a few pages couldn’t be indexed and ranked.

Search Engines taxed the “click-for-more” type of pages because it would assume that they were hiding content from the user. In reality, it was the exact opposite.

A lot of websites become more user-friendly, less crowded, and more welcoming exactly because of the tabbed content. It’s a common practice to use JavaScript for collapsing content and Google Webmaster Guidelines accept it as such.

Using tabbed content is not bad for your SEO as long as you’re not trying to trick the algorithms. If you have it there for user-friendliness reasons, Google won’t penalize your website.

SEO is a myth!

“SEO is dead” That’s what we hear sometimes from people who don’t want to bother to educate themselves on this subject.

Most commercial searches with Google Ads vary from $1 to $2, in some cases, it can go up to $5. Imagine if you need a couple of hundreds to get to the conversion rate that will bring you profit. That brings us to $400 up to $1000 in advertising.

Now imagine you already have a place in organic searches that you don’t have to pay for, or at least don’t pay that much money. That’s SEO, and it works.

Also, most users can tell when there’s a little “Ad” sign right in front of the first couple links and usually just scroll by.

To sum up…

For the millionth time, we will not get tired of repeating – “bring value to your audience!”. Numerous SEO pros will give you tons of advice about how you can trick an algorithm but no one will teach you how to trick humans into liking and engaging with your content.

We’ve tried to cover some of the most popular myths that we read online, or heard from our clients. There’s nothing more powerful than an informed person and we want you to be exactly like that.

We know it can be tricky and there is no set of rules that will bring you instant success, so make sure to hire a good SEO agency with experience in working on projects like yours.

BONUS Part: Below we present Top Myths about link building. Because Rand Fishkin has already spoken well on this subject, we invite you to watch the video below (in English).

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SEO services from Seolitte

Do you always feel like you are one step behind your competitors? Do you think you could reach wider audiences, get more visibility? Stop hiding on the last pages of Search Engine results. We’ll pull you closer to the top!

What is an SEO company and why do you need these services?

When we create websites, write blog posts or sell products online, we usually have in mind our perfect target audience. How do we get them to click that link, engage, read your content or “add to cart”? Easy! Get professional SEO services from Seolitte.

An SEO agency’s role is to connect your customers to your business online, and you’ll probably find plenty of specialists that claim they will do that for you. Not everybody is worth your money and not everybody is worth having control over your online reputation.

Choose a company that has an extensive portfolio, good testimonials, perhaps previous experience in working with websites in your niche. Choose a company that knows all the ins and outs of the marketing channels and the types of marketing strategies that bring the most traffic and conversions.

Seolitte is an agency that follows the newest marketing trends to stay above all the other digital marketing companies on the market. We show trust, care, and dedication to deliver impeccable services.

We have 4 types of packages specifically tailored to your needs. We designed them as a result of our broad experience in working with different websites of different backgrounds and sizes.

  1. Our MINI PACK is perfect for websites like blogs, with a small to medium competition, with a size of 1—500 pages.
  2. Our PREMIUM PACK suits perfectly a small to medium eCommerce website with a medium level of online competition and with approximately 500 to 1000 pages.
  3. Our PROFESSIONAL offer is for the big online stores/websites within highly competitive fields and with a size of 1000 to 10000 pages.

  1. Last but not least, our super-star – the ULTIMATE PACKAGE is the biggest package dedicated to high-traffic, big websites in very competitive fields and with serious SEO issues.

Seolitte delivers high-standard solutions for the advertisement and promotion of your website. And here is what we do: SEO Services, SEM Services, Analysis of the site, SMM on Facebook and Twitter, Exposure Increase, and copywriting (texts/advertorials).

Contact us now for your marketing consulting needs. Let’s chat about your project and we can work around your needs and give you a custom price for a custom deal.

SEO Services

Since almost 94% of all online experiences begin with a search engine, we consider our SEO services to be the main focus of our activity.  We work with you, following a set of rules and a structure. We want to make sure you give us complete and relevant information about your activity and about your competitors.

Our marketing consultant will work with you to define a few goals. Your digital marketing priorities instantly become our priorities. They become the square one from which we can launch your online strategy. Following the newest marketing trends is what we do best!

Our next step is usually performing an audit of your website. We identify your strengths and weaknesses using a series of SEO tools. We make a list of aspects we can improve based on their importance and impact on your website ranking.

We perform a Competitive Analysis to find out what your competitors are doing right, and what they’re doing wrong. We take that information to tailor smart strategies. We exploit the opportunities that your competitors never took advantage of and capitalize on your strengths.

So we got down your marketing strategy, now we have to establish a keyword strategy. This step is essential because it involves extensive research on the most popular search terms in your niche. Our SEO experts analyze the number of searches, assess the opportunities, and single out the ones that help your conversions go up.

The next logical step is implementation. We have a detailed report of where you stand, a strategy, the keywords, and a structure on our hands. It’s time to make the changes, keep track of them, and report on our progress.

We will closely monitor the progress of our new strategies and adjust everything accordingly. Your visitors’ response to the changes we perform will dictate the course of our actions. We have great tools like Google Analytics and Search Console to help us analyze the metrics of your website and understand if we’re moving in the right direction.

We believe communication is key to any fruitful relationship and we assure you that we will routinely monitor and report on your website’s performance.

Chat with us today and tell us all about your project and your visions for your business. We’re always excited to take on new challenges!

SEM – Google Ads and Remarketing

If you want more than just traditional SEO, you’ll love our Pay Per Click services. We agree that at some point in the life of a business it needs more exposure and more aggressive forms of advertising.

These services offer you a guaranteed spot on the first pages of a Search Engine and bring in heavy traffic to your website. You will also have to pay per click. 

Pay per Click targets visitors exactly by the keywords hit in the Search Engines. This way you get direct exposure to those who are looking specifically for the keywords target in your AdWords campaign.

Does it sound complicated? Well, not for our AdWords enthusiasts at Seolitte. We have massive experience in these campaigns, we’re ROI-oriented and always make the most out of your investments. 

Choosing to get the SEM services from our SEO agency means choosing to get the exposure and sales right from the first day. No waiting period needed!

Request a quote for our services NOW!